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Mobile Power Bank

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Mobile Power Bank


Aluminum power bank with LED flashlight is now popular power bank ,it has two functions,one is for charging the sellpones,mp3 player etc,another can be a flashlight.welcome to customize your own ... [Read More]

2016-03-21 23:32:06

The portable charger is easy to carry ,very popular and strong utility.the capacity is 2000Ma,can be up to any capacity.output and input is 5V800mA,it is great promotinal gift . for activities for ... [Read More]

2016-03-21 23:29:58

This Mirror Power Bank is great to keep in your purse or bag for looking gorgeous while traveling on-the-go and when your devices need a recharge. It is great for cosmetic companies, beauty supply ... [Read More]

2016-03-21 23:25:03

This is a Credit Card Power Bank you can charge up on your computer and once it is charged carry around with you as a back-up charging source for your phone or other electronic devices. [Read More]

2016-03-21 23:23:36

This mobile Power Bank is small. Recharge all of your electronic devices with this handy power bank. Includes USB to MicroUSB power cord for charging compatible android devices. Standard USB port can ... [Read More]

2016-03-21 23:22:04

This Solar mobile Power Bank can be printed with cutomer logo. Today's smartphones can be used for just about anything--making phone calls, watching videos, you name it. Unless, that is, they run out ... [Read More]

2016-03-21 23:20:18

This Lipstick Power Bank seemed like a lipstick. It's fashion and easy to carry, very fit for women. Your logo is welcomed. [Read More]

2016-03-21 23:18:39

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